Sirviendo pasta

La vita in piazza

At VEZZO, we are faithful observers of the Mediterranean tradition of gathering in the plaza to celebrate life and enjoy our food.

In the markets of these lively piazzas, food is a celebration and every recipe is special. That's why we pay homage to a modern and passionate Italy, with taste and pleasure at its heart.

Cucina di mercato

Together with the warm hospitality of our Mediterranean spirit, freshly prepared food awaits you at VEZZO. A complete and varied selection of simple but delicious dishes. Here everything is alla mano, in other words, everything is designed to be enjoyed without complications.

Discover urban Italy at its most authentic, where every bite is an experience.

Ingredienti di qualitâ

Only with quality Italian ingredients can we create an authentic Italian culinary experience. Italian cuisine is characterized by simplicity and respect for fresh, high-quality products. 

For example, our pizzas, prepared by our chef following an exclusive recipe, which combines different types of dough to achieve a truly unique result.

Rispetto della tradizione

The result is a culinary style inspired by tradition that remains true to its origins. And you don't need to just take our word for it, you can see for yourself. Here everything is on show and we cook your favorite dishes before your eyes, preserving the essence of the Cucina di Mercato.